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At what time breakfast is served?

People must show up between 8 AM and 9:30 AM
Is the B&B’s kitchen accessible to guests?

Only during breakfast. After these hours, this part of the house remains private.
Do you have an evening catering service?

No, the kitchen is open for breakfast only
Can you suggest restaurants for us?

Of course! We can even make reservations for you. We can suggest several restaurants and give you different discounts (thanks to our restaurant partners!)
Can we bring our pet?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible.
Is it possible to buy a gift certificate?

Absolutely! Contact us by phone for more information.
Your B&B can accommodate children of all ages?

We have a room (Rose room) that can accommodate children of all ages, including babies, Due to its location in the house and its space, this room is welcome to families!
Is your B&B accessible by passenger bus?

Yes, there is a bus stop (rest area) 5 minutes by car from our B&B.
I have dietary restrictions; is it possible to adapt a breakfast according to these

Yes, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know.
Do you have an electric charging station?

Great news! Yes!
Is it possible to store our bike in a safe place?

Yes! In our locked outdoor shed.